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I realized today that I've gone from having three or four journals to none. Yeouch.

--I'm working and living in Stockholm, Sweden
--Carl and I have been married for nearly two years
--I started working as a written journalist for my corporate journalist company
--I am now mainly working with video--presenting and producing and even a bit of editing!
--I would love to move back to the States though I would miss my lazy Swedish lifestyle
--I just came back from Jordan and loved it.

Random enough for ya?
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Okay, I’m kinda beyond stressed with the wedding and its not even a year away yet! The only reason I’m stressed though is because I feel like I can’t get started with the planning yet because…. I don’t have a location! Ah! As soon as I have that, everything will be awesome. I absolutely love the Foundry in Long Island City, but my dad’s convinced it’s too small for our 100-115 guests (I only want like 80 guests anyway, but whatever). I was SO in love with the Angel Orsentaz Center in the Lower East Side but it’s completely out of the budget. We’re going to see Tavern on the Green on Saturday which I’m not too sure if I’ll like. Right now, my hopes are riding on the Palm House at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens…I would die for the Foundry, but it doesn’t look too likely at this point. Gah.
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Excerpt 1/? from Wealth, my novel thingy

Hey Carl :)

There were mutterings enough when my father first appeared back in the town with my mother. It grew louder as she grew bigger and then, seven months after my father had come home with her, the mutterings stopped. I was born. They would tell me that my skin was so tight you could count all my bones and my skin so thin you could see the blood moving through my veins. The muttering stopped because the people were now satisfied. I, small and squirming ugly thing that never cried, was proof my mother's faultiness and contaimination and punishement to my parents fot their sins. To lose their first child. The muttering stopped and the mummering started, the women talking to my mother for the first time, sympahtizing, apologizing for her loss while I laid there, big glass eyes not focusing on anything. They didn't think I would last the week. But I lived. Every day the people would peek past my dark blanket and see my small chest rising and falling, the more quiet they became. When I reached my first birthday, they had decided that my mother was contaimated but she was contaiminated with magic. When they saw her after that, they tried to not make any sound.
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Five Years

The five year reunion of my high school is coming up. Jesus. No way am I going, because I have absolutely nothing to show for myself.

I ran into two old friends at a concert in the city last night. My friend from high school was engaged--that makes three friends that I know of that are engaged. It kinda makes me sad, because everyone expected me to be one of those three too. I expected to be.

Instead, the lead singer of one of the bands, Jeremy in the tight red pants, thinks my name is Kitty and invited me to an after-party. What kind of handoff is that? I honestly don't know. I'm trying hard not to care.
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Okay, so it's Thanksgiving which means I'm sitting around, starving, and waiting half-heartedly for the assorted crazies in my family to arrive so I can at least have some appetizers.

Carl had a convo with me today which made me cry, but that's how it goes. I was just upset and confused since he's coming to visit me at the end of December and he's saying he doesn't really miss me. Meh. At least I finally have the photos printed from the grand European tour to show the family.

I think I've e-mailed every non-American I know to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving, and I haven't said anything similar to any Americans. Strageness.

NaNoWriMo is nearly over and it was mostly a failure, sadly. I did work more on The Night Mare than I have in a long time, but it's nowhere near 50,000 words. Started working on Stars in December again, because of some pleading by people on So goof for the ego!

I really want to go back to Germany. I can't figure out which city I want to stay in first: Cologne, Nuremberg or Munich. And that's only out of the cities I actually got to go to. I still need to go to Berlin something awful.

Kirby is wearing his holiday bow today. I'll try to snap a picture of it later because he looks deceptively sweet with it.
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So after two weeks of backpacking through Europe...

...I'm back in Stockholm. I had at least another two weeks left, but because I'm so amazingly clumsy, I broke my foot in Budapest, Hungary. NOT from drinking, as everyone seems to think. Instead, I slipped off the bunk bed ladder in the morning while I was trying to make sure not to wake up everyone else in the room. After half a day in a Hungarian hospital, I flew back to Stockholm and spent another half a day there. At least the Swedes don't want to to operate on me, which was the Hungarians' first reaction. So here I am, trying to recover. Don't believe me?

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I'm well aware that I look demented in both pics, but I'm beyond caring at this point.
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Okay,so to you few on my f-list: Taaaa!

I'm leaving tomorrow for my month long tour of Europe. First, evening flight to Paris, day trip to Chartres, Sunie's bday, then to Amsterdam, hit up Germany, Austria, Hungary and Copenhagen before heading back to Stockholm with the Sunster.

It's going to be fun. Pics and stories will come later.
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Just curious..

...but does anyone on my flist follow the Lonelygirl15 story? I'm talking more about the cassieiswatching aspect, because I could give a toss for the whole 'omigod she's really fake!' thing. I'm talking ARGs (Alternate Reality Games).
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Okay, I know there are some FANTASTIC icon makers on my friends list, so I just wanted to let you guys know that you should def. check out marvel_lims. The second round is starting up and it is very cool---good images, that sort of thing. Come join!!!