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Excerpt 1/? from Wealth, my novel thingy

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May. 8th, 2007 | 10:48 pm

Hey Carl :)

There were mutterings enough when my father first appeared back in the town with my mother. It grew louder as she grew bigger and then, seven months after my father had come home with her, the mutterings stopped. I was born. They would tell me that my skin was so tight you could count all my bones and my skin so thin you could see the blood moving through my veins. The muttering stopped because the people were now satisfied. I, small and squirming ugly thing that never cried, was proof my mother's faultiness and contaimination and punishement to my parents fot their sins. To lose their first child. The muttering stopped and the mummering started, the women talking to my mother for the first time, sympahtizing, apologizing for her loss while I laid there, big glass eyes not focusing on anything. They didn't think I would last the week. But I lived. Every day the people would peek past my dark blanket and see my small chest rising and falling, the more quiet they became. When I reached my first birthday, they had decided that my mother was contaimated but she was contaiminated with magic. When they saw her after that, they tried to not make any sound.

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